Village of Ossining Police Department

The Accreditation Process

Accreditation is the process by which organizations demonstrate their operation in compliance with standards set forth by the New York State Division of Criminal justice Services.

The purpose of accreditation is to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism of an agency, while promoting training and public confidence in law enforcement. Accreditation demonstrates the agency performs in a consistently professional manner, that formalized policies are in place to govern its operational practices and procedures, and that all employees contribute to the agency's mission.

An accredited law enforcement agency has demonstrated to outside assessors strict compliance with 130 standards, the sum of which is a testament to the expertise and professionalism of a police agency. Of the 553 eligible law enforcement agencies in New York State, only 215 have been accredited or reaccredited. The Village of Ossining Police Department has been accredited since 2004.

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